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Jumper Wire Single Medium Quick view

Reference: RBD-1354

Jumper Wire Single Medium

Length: 8 inches/20 CM (Long) Material: Copper Plated Pin Spacing: 2.54mm.

Price BDT 3
Choose Your Size Quick view

Reference: 0984

Heat Shrink Tube

Choose your desire Heat Sink Size from below: 

Price BDT 2
470 Ohm 1/4w - Pack of 5 Quick view

Reference: 0245

Kiloohm (KΩ) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
Jumper Wire 40 Pcs Set Quick view

Reference: 0031

Jumper Wire 40 Pcs Set

3 Types Available (Please select from option) 1. Male to Male  2. Male to Female 3. Female-Female

Price BDT 100
MIFARE Classic 1K RFID NFC... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0351

MIFARE Classic 1K RFID NFC Smart Card 13.56MHz Printable

Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed) Operating distance: Up to 100mm (depending on antenna geometry) RoboticsBD Operating frequency: 13.56MHz Data transfer: 106 kbit/s Data integrity: 16 Bit CRC, parity, bit coding bit counting Anticollision Typical ticketing transaction: <100 ms ( including backup management)...

Price BDT 33
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: 0766

Ohm (Ω) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
5 mm Green LED (Pack of 5) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0768

5 mm Red LED (Pack of 5)

Size: 5mm Color: RED Head Shape: Round Lens Appearance: Transparent

Price BDT 5
Push Button Switch (2PIN) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0761

Push Button Switch (2PIN)

Breadboard friendly Mounting Style: Through Hole Mounting Direction: Vertical

Price BDT 6
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: RBD-0758

BC547 NPN Transistor

BC547 NPN DIP Transistor

Price BDT 4
On sale! Arduino Uno R3 (Made in Italy) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0094

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino UNO in Bangladesh Micro-controller : ATmega328. Operating Voltage : 5V. Input Voltage (recommended) : 7-12V. Digital I/O Pins : 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output). Analog Input Pins : 6.

Price BDT 1,100
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RoboticsBD Ultimate Sensor Kit V1.0


1. 35 projects and 37 modules for you to learn basic knowledge about Arduino.
2. With an elaborately-written user manual, providing more details, clear breadboard images and schematic diagrams, and thorough wiring descriptions so you can connect the components easily.  (You can download the PDF and code after the purchase)
3. Code files are provided for view and download in the LEARN section on our website.

BDT 4,490
BDT 3,990 Save BDT 500

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1. 35 projects and 37 modules for you to learn basic knowledge about Arduino.
2. With an elaborately-written user manual, providing more details, clear breadboard images and schematic diagrams, and a thorough wiring descriptions so you can connect the components easily.  (You can download the PDF and code after the purchase)
3. Code files are provided for view and download in the LEARN section on our website.

This kit is different from other kits. All the components in this kit are provided in the form of modules that integrate some necessary components, such as a comparator, resistor, capacitor, and so on. Therefore it is convenient for circuit connection. They will output signals directly by connecting for Arduino boards. The kit includes all kinds of funny and completed modules for Arduino fans. It can help you "control" the physical world with sensors.

You need to solder the pin headers provided with the kit onto the LCD1602


35 Experiments with Modules  (You can download the PDF and code after the purchase)

Lesson 1 Hall Sensor    
Lesson 2 RGB LED    
Lesson 3 Dual-color Common-Cathode LED    
Lesson 4 Shock Switch    
Lesson 5 Knock Sensor    
Lesson 6 Infrared Transmitter    
Lesson 7 Laser Transmitter    
Lesson 8 Reed Switch    
Lesson 9 Infrared-Receiver    
Lesson 10 Analog Temperature Sensor    
Lesson 11 Digital Temperature Sensor    
Lesson 12 Buzzer    
Lesson 13 Button Switch    
Lesson 14 Photo-interrupter    
Lesson 15 Tilt-Switch    
Lesson 16 Mercury Switch    
Lesson 17 Magic Cup    
Lesson 18 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor    
Lesson 19 Rotary Encoder    
Lesson 20 7-Color Auto-flash LED    
Lesson 21 Photoresistor Sensor    
Lesson 22 Humiture Sensor
Lesson 23 Obstacle Avoidance Sensor    
Lesson 24 Tracking Sensor    
Lesson 25 Microphone Sensor    
Lesson 26 Metal Touch Sensor    
Lesson 27 Flame Sensor    
Lesson 28 Relay Module    
Lesson 29 Joystick PS2    
Lesson 30 MQ-2 Gas Sensor    
Lesson 31 Password Lock    
Lesson 32 Lie Detector    
Lesson 33 Fire Alarm    
Lesson 34 Thermostatic Water Tank System    
Lesson 35 Intelligent Environment Monitoring


1 x Arduino Uno R3
1 x PDF & Code Download
2 x Analog Hall Sensor
1 x Switch Hall Sensor
2 x Dual-color Common-Cathode LED    
1 x Shock switch    
1 x Knock sensor    
1 x Infrared transmitter    
1 x Laser Transmitter    
1 x Reed switch    
1 x Mini Reed    
1 x Infrared-receiver    
1 x Analog-temperature sensor    
1 x Digital-temperature sensor    
1 x Active Buzzer    
1 x Passive Buzzer    
1 x Button Switch    
1 x Photo-interrupter    
1 x Tilt-switch module    
1 x Mercury switch module
2 x Magic Cup
1 x DS18B20 Temperature Sensor    
1 x Rotary Encoder module    
1 x 7-colour Auto-flash LED module    
1 x Photoresistor Sensor    
1 x Humiture Sensor    
1 x Obstacle Avoidance Sensor    
1 x Tracking Sensor    
1 x Microphone Sensor    
1 x High-sensitive Voice Sensor    
1 x Metal Touch Sensor    
1 x Flame Sensor    
1 x Relay module    
1 x Joystick PS2    
1 x MQ-2 Gas Sensor    
1 x LCD1602    
1 x Keypad (4x4)    
1 x Remote controller    
1 x Potentiometer (250k Ohm)   
1 x Resistor (470k Ohm)     
1 x Breadboard    
40 x Jumper wire (Male to Female) 
20 x Jumper wire (Male to Male)

What is the price of RoboticsBD Ultimate Sensor Kit V1.0 in Bangladesh?

The latest price of RoboticsBD Ultimate Sensor Kit V1.0 in Bangladesh is BDT 3,990 You can buy the RoboticsBD Ultimate Sensor Kit V1.0 at best price from our RoboticsBD or visit RoboticsBD.

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- BDT 1,000 Reduced price Otto Bot Complete Quick view

Reference: RBD-1129

Brand: RoboticsBD

Otto Bot Complete

Complete Assembled  Plug and Play Open Source Design Compatible With Arduino IDE DIY Kit

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37 In 1 Sensor Module Board... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1541

37 In 1 Sensor Module Board Set Kit For Arduino with Box

For beginners who are interested in Arduino A complete set of Arduino’s most common and useful electronic components Infrared sensor receiving module Laser sensor module Temperature and humidity sensor module Infrared sensor module 5v relay module Obstacle avoidance sensor module.

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Gravity Huskylens AI Camera... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1974

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Gravity Huskylens AI Camera Vision Sensor with Silicone Case

One-click learn Machine Learning Enabled Onboard Screen Extreme Performance

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Breadboard Bundle Pack Quick view

Reference: RBD-1663

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Breadboard Bundle Pack

Distribution strip, Tie-point 200 Terminal Strip, Tie-point 630 Completely reusable Breadboard Brand new & high quality Breadboard power supply module, compatible with 5 V, 3.3 V 140pcs Solderless Breadboard Jumper Cable Lead Kit Hard Wire with Angled shape

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DIY D2-1 Intelligent Line... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2045

DIY D2-1 Intelligent Line follower/Tracking Smart Car Kit

Easy to Assemble comes as disassembled. Soldering is Required. Operating Voltage: 3V Line Map included Note: Batteries not included

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- BDT 291 Reduced price Soldering Iron Kit 21-in-1... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1245

Soldering Iron Kit 21-in-1 with PU Bag

Soldering Iron Kit 21-in-1 with PU Bag by HANDSKIT Complete Soldering Kit: It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repairs jobs and other soldering projects.

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Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit Quick view

Reference: RBD-127

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit

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DS1302 Rotating LED Display... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1726

DS1302 Rotating LED Display Alarm Electronic Clock Module LED Temperature Display

DS1302 RTC Rotating LED Display Alarm Electronic Clock Module LED Temperature Display

Price BDT 1,050
A4 Size Sheet Toner... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2115

A4 Size Sheet Toner Transfer Paper For DIY PCB Electronic Prototype

Toner transfer paper for DIY PCB Easily attach with Copper Board High quality Imported

Price BDT 15
On sale! Electric Mini Drill Quick view

Reference: RBD-0670

Brand: RoboticsBD

Electric Mini Drill

Color: Grey Speed: 8500 RPM Collet Size: 0.5-3.0mm Full Accessories Set (14 pcs) 

Price BDT 945
- BDT 200 Reduced price All in One Motor Kit - 11... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2069

All in One Motor Kit - 11 different motor set 3-9v DC motor

Round motor Vibration Motor Big toy motor Dynamo Motor Big solar motor Double Shaft toy motor Double shaft round motor DVD/Solar Motor Toy Motor, Double Shaft Geared Motor L Shaped Geared Motor

Price BDT 990 Regular price BDT 1,190
STM32 STM32F407VET6 512K... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1808

STM32 STM32F407VET6 512K System Core Board Development Board

Model: F407VE-512K STM32F407VET6 development board F407 microcontroller learning board STM32 system board

Price BDT 4,220
Pack Soldering Kit Quick view

Reference: RBD-0833

Soldering Kit

Soldering Iron KOOCU V501 25W Constant Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Soldering Stand Soldering Lead Solder Resin Wire Cutter Sucker

Price BDT 950

OTTO Programmable Robot Kit... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1664

Brand: RoboticsBD

OTTO Programmable Robot Kit DIY

Open Source Design Compatible With Arduino IDE DIY Kit Easy to Assemble This is the DIY Kit, It comes with no coding, if you want Complete OTTO bot click here.

Price BDT 6,400
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8051 Microcontroller... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2128

8051 Microcontroller Development Board with STC89C52RC

The 8051 Mini Kit supports STC51 Series, AT89S5x controller (8051 architecture) and ATmega8/Atmega32 (AVR architecture) through a simple converter board. The kit includes 8 LEDs, 1 buzzer, 4 standalone keys, 4 Common Anode 7-Segment LED, 1 PL2303 USB to UART, 1 IR Receiver Port, 1 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Port, LCD1602 character dot matrix LCD port,...

Price BDT 1,690
CH340C WIFI Module Adapter... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2142

CH340C WIFI Module Adapter Download Debug for ESP8266 ESP-01/01S

Operating Voltage: 5VDC USB to Serial Converter: CH340C Compatible With:ESP8266 ESP-01/01S Comes With Onboard Reset Switch Has Female Headers for Connecting the Wifi Module.

Price BDT 190

Wireless Communication KIT... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1661

Wireless Communication KIT for Arduino UNO

All in one kit for Arduino Based Wireless and IoT NRF wireless Transceiver Module Sim900 Shield Sim800L RF Transmitter and Receiver

Price BDT 6,300
There are not enough products in stock
80W Soldering Iron Kit Set... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1748

80W Soldering Iron Kit Set Multimeter with PU Bag

80W Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Kit Set with Multimeter PU Bag

Price BDT 4,250
TI MSP430 LaunchPad Quick view

Reference: RBD-1216

TI MSP430 LaunchPad

14-/20-pin DIP (N) Socket 20 pin LaunchPad standard leveraging the BoosterPack ecosystem On-Board EZ-FET emulator featuring EnergyTrace™ technology Supports MSP430G2xx2, MSP430G2xx3, and MSP430F20xx devices in PDIP14 or PDIP20 packages 1 user buttons and 3 LEDs for user interaction

Price BDT 1,999
Learning kit for Arduino... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1662

Brand: RoboticsBD

Learning kit for Arduino Uno SMD

All-in-one kit, a great starter kit for learning coding. Microcontroller ATmega328 (SMD) – Interface CH340G Operating Voltage: 5V Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V Input Voltage (limits): 5-20V Digital I / O Pins 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output) Analog Input Pins: 6

Price BDT 1,300
Advanced Kit with Arduino... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1666

Brand: RoboticsBD

Advanced Kit with Arduino Uno R3

All-in-one kit, a great starter kit for learning to code. Model Type: UNO Rev R3 Microcontroller Chip: ATmega328 Input Voltage(Recommended): 7-12V Operating Voltage: 5 Analog I/O Pins: 6 Digital I/O Pins: 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)

Price BDT 4,999
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ESP32 For Wemos D1 Mini... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2137

ESP32 For Wemos D1 Mini WIFI Bluetooth Development Board

ESP32 For Wemos D1 Mini For Arduino UNO R3 D1 R32 WIFI Bluetooth Development Board CH340 4M Memory One

Price BDT 890

HL-K18 PIC18F4520... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1721

HL-K18 PIC18F4520 Microcontroller Development Board Integrated Kit Emulator

PIC Development Board PIC18F4520 MCU Learning Board HL-K18 Experiment Board Integrated Kit2 Emulator

Price BDT 7,899
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Micro QuadCopter/ Micro... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1338

Micro QuadCopter/ Micro Drone Kit

Easy to Assemble High-Quality Components Brushed Quadcopter

Price BDT 4,665
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IO Extender for micro:bit Quick view

Reference: RBD-1973

Brand: DFRobot

IO Extender for micro:bit

Easy-to-use  Low-cost expansion board for micro:bit Leads out all IO ports of micro:bit Specially-designed port for “HuskyLens AI camera”. This board can be used to Provide stable 5V power supply for HuskyLens to make it run steadily in all modes. Silkscreens on the back clearly indicate the functions of all interfaces

Price BDT 990

Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1111

Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector Gamma Ray Build Radiation Monitoring Station

Technical parameters diameter:Φ10±0.5mm Total length: 90±2mm Starting voltage: < 350V Recommended operating voltage: 380V Minimum plateau length: 80V Maximum plateau slope: 10%/80V Extreme operating voltage: 550V The maximum count rate: 25 times / min Life: > 1 x 10^9 pulse Medium temperature: -40 ~ 55 ℃ Size:108x63x20mm

Price BDT 5,390
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FR4 CCL Copper Clad Plate... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2113

FR4 CCL Copper Clad Plate Laminate Single Side PCB Glass Fiber

Single side PCB. Reinforced with glass fiber laminate on the core. 215 x 330 x 1.4 mm. Ideal for prototyping. Color: Ash, White Smooth Machine Cut

Price BDT 590
MaKey MaKey - An Invention... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1550

MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone

INVENTION KIT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Connect the world to your computer Invent Everywhere

Price BDT 1,990
Mini BD243 Bubble 9-12V... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1762

Mini BD243 Bubble 9-12V Tesla Coil Electronics Wireless PCB Module

Input voltage(V): 9-12 It can produce high-temperature PCB board size(cm):  3.1 x 4 It is convenient for fans to install high efficiency Weight(g): 20

Price BDT 450
DSO138 2.4" TFT Pocket-size... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1869

DSO138 2.4" TFT Pocket-size Digital Oscilloscope Kit DIY Parts Handheld

This kit uses ARM Cortex-M3 processor (STM32F103C8), and includes a 2.4-inch color TFT display screen. Adjustable vertical displacement, and with instructions. With automatic, regular and one-shot modes, easy to capture the moment waveform. Available rising or falling edge trigger. Observable previous trigger waveform (negative delay). Can freeze at any...

Price BDT 2,990
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