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Jumper Wire Single Medium Quick view

Reference: RBD-1354

Jumper Wire Single Medium

Length: 8 inches/20 CM (Long) Material: Copper Plated Pin Spacing: 2.54mm.

Price BDT 3
Choose Your Size Quick view

Reference: 0984

Heat Shrink Tube

Choose your desire Heat Sink Size from below: 

Price BDT 2
470 Ohm 1/4w - Pack of 5 Quick view

Reference: 0245

Kiloohm (KΩ) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
Jumper Wire 40 Pcs Set Quick view

Reference: 0031

Jumper Wire 40 Pcs Set

3 Types Available (Please select from option) 1. Male to Male  2. Male to Female 3. Female-Female

Price BDT 100
MIFARE Classic 1K RFID NFC... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0351

MIFARE Classic 1K RFID NFC Smart Card 13.56MHz Printable

Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed) Operating distance: Up to 100mm (depending on antenna geometry) RoboticsBD Operating frequency: 13.56MHz Data transfer: 106 kbit/s Data integrity: 16 Bit CRC, parity, bit coding bit counting Anticollision Typical ticketing transaction: <100 ms ( including backup management)...

Price BDT 33
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: 0766

Ohm (Ω) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
5 mm Green LED (Pack of 5) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0768

5 mm Red LED (Pack of 5)

Size: 5mm Color: RED Head Shape: Round Lens Appearance: Transparent

Price BDT 5
Push Button Switch (2PIN) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0761

Push Button Switch (2PIN)

Breadboard friendly Mounting Style: Through Hole Mounting Direction: Vertical

Price BDT 6
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: RBD-0758

BC547 NPN Transistor

BC547 NPN DIP Transistor

Price BDT 4
- BDT 151 On sale! Arduino Uno R3 Quick view

Reference: RBD-0094

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino UNO in Bangladesh Micro-controller : ATmega328. Operating Voltage : 5V. Input Voltage (recommended) : 7-12V. Digital I/O Pins : 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output). Analog Input Pins : 6.

Price BDT 949 Regular price BDT 1,100
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YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Meter / Sensor
  • YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Meter / Sensor

YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Meter / Sensor

  • Working Voltage: 5 to 18V DC (min tested working voltage 4.5V). RoboticsBD
  • Max current draw: 15mA @ 5V.
  • Working Flow Rate: 1 to 30 Liters/Minute.
  • Maximum water pressure: 2.0 MPa.
  • Flow rate pulse characteristics: Frequency (Hz) = 7.5 * Flow rate (L/min). RoboticsBD
BDT 480
rating Read the 8 reviews
Average rating: 5/5 - Number of reviews: 8

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This is YF-S201 Water Flow meter Measurement Sensor with 1-30Leter/min Flow Rate in black colour. This sensor sits in line with your water line and contains a pinwheel sensor to measure how much liquid has moved through it. There’s an integrated magnetic hall effect sensor that outputs an electrical pulse with every revolution. The hall effect sensor is sealed from the water pipe and allows the sensor to stay safe and dry. RoboticsBD


Red wire+5V
Black wireGND
Yellow wirePWM output

Features :

  1. The simple and compact module.
  2. Easy to Install.
  3. High Sealing Performance.
  4. High-Quality Hall Effect Sensor. RoboticsBD

General Specification
Model YF-S201
Working Voltage (V) 5 ~ 18
Max current draw 15mA @ 5V
Working Flow Rate (Liters/Minute) 1 ~ 30
Operating Temperature range (℃) -25 ~ +80
Operating Humidity Range 35% – 80% RH
Accuracy ±10%
Maximum water pressure 2.0 MPa
Output duty cycle 50% +-10%
Output rise time (µsec) 0.04
Pulses per Liter 450
Output fall time (µsec) 0.18
Outer diameter (mm) 20
Intake diameter (mm) 11
Outlet diameter (mm) 11
Length (mm) 62.5
Width (mm) 36
Height (mm) 35
Weight (gm) 50
Shipment Weight 0.089 kg
Shipment Dimensions 9 × 6 × 6 cm

Package Includes :

1 x YF-S201 Water Flow meter Measurement Sensor with 1-30Liter/min Flow Rate – Black.

What is the price of YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Meter / Sensor in Bangladesh?

The latest price of YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Meter / Sensor in Bangladesh is BDT 480 You can buy the YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Meter / Sensor at best price from our RoboticsBD or visit RoboticsBD.

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Product Details
11 Items
Water flow
Anisur Rahman
Md.Shahneowaj Sarder
I m satisfied with product.
Mohammad Moinul Haq
I received the product in days and all are at good condition.
S201 water flow sendor
mubarak kabir kankara
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6DOF MPU 6050 3 Axis Gyro

Chip built-in 16bit AD converter, 16-bit data output Driver Chip: MPU6050 Operating Voltage: 3-5V DC Communication: I2C/IIC Protocol Gyro Range: ± 250, 500, 1000, 2000 °/s Accelerometer Range: ± 2 ± 4 ± 8 ± 16 g

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MQ-9 Gas Leakage Detection Sensor Quick view

Reference: RBD-0678

MQ-9 Gas Leakage Detection Sensor

Good sensitivity to CO/Combustible Gas High sensitivity to Methane, Propane, and CO Long life and low cost Simple drive circuit Input voltage: DC 5±0.2V Current Consumption: 150mA

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Reference: RBD-0622

RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Sensor Module Human Body Induction Switch Module

Transmission signal processing control chip RCWL-9196 Wide operating voltage range 4.0V to 28.0V Penetrating detection capability, compared with the traditional infrared feeling PIR Adjustable Block time and distance Operating Current: 2.8mA (typical); 3mA (max) Detection Distance: 5-9m Transmitting Power: 20mW (typical); 30mW (max) RoboticsBD

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Humidity Detection Sensor... Quick view

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Humidity Detection Sensor Module Snow Rain Raindrops Detection For Arduino

Operating voltage: 5V Provide both digital and analog output Adjustable sensitivity Output LED indicator Compatible with Arduino TTL Compatible Bolt holes for easy installation

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RC522 RFID Card Reader... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0313

RC522 RFID Card Reader Module Kit Android NFC supported

This is RFID Reader/Writer RC522 SPI S50 CARD AND KEYCHAIN which works on non-contact 13.56mhz communication, is designed by NXP as low power consumption, low cost, and compact size read and write chip, is the best choice in the development of smart meters and portable hand-held devices. It uses an advanced modulation system, fully integrated at...

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MQ-6 LPG Gas Sensor Quick view

Reference: RBD-0675

MQ-6 LPG Gas Sensor

Model: MQ-6 Operating Voltage: 5V DC Detecting Range:200-10000 ppm Relative Humidity:<95% RH

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AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera Breakout Quick view

Reference: RBD-0720

AMG8833 IR Infrared Thermal Camera Breakout (Adafruit Compatible)

Temperature detection of the two-dimensional area: 8 × 8 (64 pixels). Digital output (capability of temperature value output). Compact SMD package (adaptively to reflow mounting). RoHS compliant. RoboticsBD

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5 In 1 Portable CO2... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1654

5 In 1 Portable CO2 Detector Air Quality Detector Intelligent Air Detector

5 In 1 Portable  CO2 Detector Air Quality Detector Intelligent Air Detector Temperature and Humidity Sensor Carbon Dioxide Monitor TVOC Formaldehyde Detection HCHO Detector  Color Black

Price BDT 3,950
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Voice Recognition Module... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0550

Voice Recognition Module Kit V3 (Elechouse)

Supply Voltage: 4.5 – 5.5 V. Current : <40 mA. Digital Interface : 5V TTL level for UART interface and GPIO. Support maximum 80 voice commands, with each voice 1500ms (one or two words speaking). Maximum 7 voice commands effective at same time. Arduino library is supplied. User-control General Pin Output. RoboticsBD

Price BDT 2,890
USB Fingerprint Reader for... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1737

USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10 Hello Biometric Scanner for PC

Fastest fingerprint identification in the world,  Support multi fingerprint  Instant match. 

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On sale! 1 X GY-VL53L0XV2V L53L0X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Quick view

Reference: RBD-0554

GY-VL53L0XV2V VL53L0X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Breakout Module

VL53L0X 3-in-1 ranging and gesture detection sensor Regulator: 5 to 2.8V range input voltage (output voltage: 2.8V) VL53L0X signal interface level shifter Serial Port PWM Output True distance measurement independent of target size and reflectance Breakout board, easy to integrate into the customer device Allows basic gesture recognition use case. RoboticsBD

Price BDT 1,499
DHT22 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module Quick view

Reference: RBD-0923

DHT22 Original Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module

Measuring range: temperature -40-80 ℃; humidity 0; 99.9%RH Measurement accuracy (25℃): temperature: + 0.5; humidity: + 2%RH (10; 90%RH) Resolution: temperature: 0.1 ℃, humidity: 0.1%RH Attenuation value: temperature: <1℃ / year; humidity: < 1%RH/ years High precision Capacitive type Full range temperature compensated Relative humidity and...

Price BDT 382
Logic Level Converter Quick view

Reference: RBD-0272

Brand: Waveshare

Logic Level Converter

Voltage level: 1.8V-6V Dimension: 38mm x 31.6mm Conversion  level  range:  1.8 V-6 V Instructions for use:  (3.3 V,  5 V  to  each other) 4 pairs of power supply interfaces, supports more situation Use tantalum capacitors for power filter, provides more stability VCCB 5V  power supply  (can  be an external  5V power supply)

Price BDT 550
Out of Stock
100mm x 100mm Medium... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2170

100mm x 100mm Medium Magnetic Field Viewing Paper

Visualize magnetic fields with this large, micro-encapsulated film known as field paper. This material allows the user to see the magnetic field produced by any magnet.

Price BDT 1,899
In Stock
MQ-136 Hydrogen Sulfide Gas... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1934

MQ-136 Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor

Dual signal output (analog output and TTL level output) The TTL output effective signal is low. Analog output 0 ~ 5V voltage, the higher the concentration the higher the voltage. Good sensitivity to hydrogen sulfide, liquefied gas, natural gas, city gas, and smoke. with long service life and reliable stability fast response recovery characteristics

Price BDT 2,790
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IR Infrared Receiver Diode... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1200

IR Infrared Receiver Diode - TSOP38238

Very low supply current Photo-detector and preamplifier in one package Internal filter for PCM frequency Improved shielding against EMI Supply voltage: 2.5 V to 5.5 V Improved immunity against ambient light

Price BDT 55
Digital Temperature Module Quick view

Reference: RBD-2084

Digital Temperature Module

Power supply: 3 – 5V Good sensitivity The output format: Digital switching output (0 and 1) The comparator output signal is clean, good waveform, driving ability, more than 15mA. A fixed bolt holes for easy installation. Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator.

Price BDT 95
On sale! 9 Degrees of Freedom Breakout- MPU-9150 Quick view

Reference: RBD-0334

9 Degrees of Freedom Breakout- MPU9150

The 9DOF MPU-9150 is the world’s first 9-axis MotionTracking MEMS device designed for the low power, low cost, and high performance requirements of consumer electronics equipment including smartphones, tablets and wearable sensors. And guess what? You get to play with it.

Price BDT 2,000
There are not enough products in stock
Raspberry Pi Camera Module... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0568

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 - 8 Megapixel,1080p

Fixed focus lens on-board Improved resolution – 8-Megapixel native resolution sensor-capable of 3280 x 2464 pixel static images Supports 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p90 video Size 25mm x 23mm x 9mm Weight just over 3g Connects to the Raspberry Pi board via a short ribbon cable (supplied) Camera v2 is supported in the latest version of Raspbian, Raspberry...

Price BDT 4,690
DHT21 AM2301 Temperature &... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1374

DHT21 AM2301 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Model: AM2301. Supply voltage: 3.3 ~ 5.2 V DC. Signal output form: Digital signal output. Temperature measurement range: -40 ~ +80 ºC. Temperature measurement precision: ± 0.5ºC Humidity range: 10%~90%RH. Humidity measurement precision: ±3%RH.

Price BDT 650
Motion Sensor based LED... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1172

Motion Sensor based LED Light Lamp Holder

Infrared Sensor Automatic Lighting Control Switch with lamp holder; convenient, safe & practical. Good solution for energy saving. You can conveniently let the light auto on/off. The switch can detect the human body's infrared, and use infrared to control the load. Easy to install. Strong anti-interference ability Suitable for corridor, toilet,...

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MP-135 MP503 Air Quality... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1751

MP-135 MP503 Air Quality Sensor Module

Detection Gas: H2, Alcohol, CO, VOC  Detection Range: 10~500ppmH2 5~500ppm Alcohol 10~500ppm CO Air Quality Sensor Module

Price BDT 590
5 Way Flame/Fire Sensor Quick view

Reference: RBD-0423

5 Way Flame/Fire Sensor

Detecting range: >120 degree Analog and digital outputs On-board potentiometer and indicators 1% resistors to make this module more reliable and precise Operating Voltage: 3.3V – 9V Board Diameter: 40 mm.

Price BDT 495
HSM-20G analog temperature... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0163

HSM-20G analog temperature & humidity sensor

Product Type: Humidity Module Sensor Working voltage range DC 5.0±0.2V    Output voltage range (corresponding to 0-100%RH) DC 1-3.19V    Test accuracy 5% RH

Price BDT 780
DHT11 Digital Relative... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2094

DHT11 Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Module

The module can detect the surrounding environment of the humidity and temperature High reliability and excellent long-term stability The output from the digital output Humidity measuring range: 20%~90%RH(0~50 degree (temperature compensation). Temperature measuring range: 0~+50degree. Humidity measurement accuracy: ±5.0%RH. Temperature measurement...

Price BDT 99
Knock Sensor Module KY-031 For Arduino ,PIC, AVR, Raspberry pi Quick view

Reference: RBD-0352

Knock Sensor Module KY-031 For Arduino, PIC, AVR and Raspberry pi

Detect shocks with the spring and send a signal to Controller Board Operating voltage: 3.3V-5V Digital output Bolt holes for easy installation. RoboticsBD

Price BDT 99
GY-87 10DOF MPU6050 HMC5883L BMP180 Sensor Module Quick view

Reference: RBD-0382

GY-87 10DOF MPU6050 HMC5883L BMP180 Sensor Module

3-axis Gyro+Acceleration+Magnetic Fiel Air Pressure Module Power supply: 3-5V Build in ultra low noise linear LDO voltage regulator Built-in onboard filters, which reduce noise from motor and other high current electronics You can easily select two I2C address for MPU6050 by soldered jumper. RoboticsBD

Price BDT 2,250
SS49E Linear Hall Effect... Quick view

Reference: RBD-2071

SS49E Linear Hall Effect Sensor Module

Type: Magnetic Sensor Module Mainly Compatible with: Ardunio

Price BDT 50
SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU Breakout - LSM9DS0 Quick view

Reference: RBD-0233

Brand: SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU Breakout - LSM9DS0

Description: This is the LSM9DS0, a versatile motion-sensing  system-in-a-chip that houses a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis  gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer. That’s right, 9 degrees  of freedom (9dof) from a single IC!

Price BDT 2,700
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100K Potentiometer

Resistance: 100k Ω. Tolerance: 20%. Shaft Length: 15mm.

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BC557 PNP Transistor

BC557 PNP DIP Transistor

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Male to Female Jumper Wires 40 Pin 30cm

40P color jumper wires Length: 300mm Weight: 45 gm Compatible with 2.54mm spacing pin headers High quality and in good working condition Durable and reusable Easy to install and use

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রাস্পবেরি পাই এর জন্য একটি স্ট্যাবল পাওয়ার সাপ্লাই এর প্রয়োজনীয়তা অনেক।  আমরা অনেক পাওয়ার সাপ্লাই টেস্ট করে এর এই পাওয়ার সাপ্লাইটির ক্যাপাসিটি সন্তোষজনক পেয়েছি। যদিও মেনশন করা  5V,3A. আমরা আমাদের টেস্ট এ  5V, 1.5Amp+ কনস্ট্যান্ট কারেন্ট পেয়েছি। যদি আপনার খুব বেশি পেরিফেরাল না দরকার হয় তবে এটি ব্যবহার করতে পারেন।  এছাড়া আমাদের কাছে অরজিনাল রাস্পবেরি পাই এর...

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2.2uF 50V Capacitor (pack... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1493

2.2uF 50V Capacitor (pack of 5)

Capacitance: 2.2uF Voltage: 50V Mounting: Through Hole Material: Aluminum Tolerance: ±20 %

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ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1407

ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth Camera Module Development Board ESP32 With Camera Module OV2640

Flash LED off: 180mA @ 5V. Flash LED on to maximum brightness: 310mA @ 5V. Deep-sleep: 6mA @ 5V min. Modem-sleep: 20mA @ 5V min. Light-sleep: 6.7mA @ 5V min. Programmer: ESP32-CAM-MB MICRO USB Download Module

Price BDT 848
SW-420 NC Type Vibration Sensor Module Arduino Quick view

Reference: RBD-0152

SW-420 NC Type Vibration Sensor Module Arduino

Using SW-420 normally closed type vibration sensor Comparator output, clean signal, good waveform, strong driving ability, >15mA Operating voltage 3.3V ~ 5V Output format: digital switching output (0 and 1) Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator With bolt holes for easy installation

Price BDT 90
1.3 Inch I2C OLED Display... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1064

1.3 Inch I2C OLED Display Module 4pin- Blue

Size: 1.3 inch Resolution: 128 x 64 Controlling Chip: SSH1106 Driving Voltage: 3.3-5V Operating Temperature: -40~70 celsius Interface Type: IIC Light Color: Blue If you want to purchase White color 1.3 inch OLED display module click here

Price BDT 630