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Jumper Wire Single Medium Quick view

Reference: RBD-1354

Jumper Wire Single Medium

Length: 8 inches/20 CM (Long) Material: Copper Plated Pin Spacing: 2.54mm.

Price BDT 3
Choose Your Size Quick view

Reference: 0984

Heat Shrink Tube

Choose your desire Heat Sink Size from below: 

Price BDT 2
470 Ohm 1/4w - Pack of 5 Quick view

Reference: 0245

Kiloohm (KΩ) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
Jumper wire 40 Pcs Quick view

Reference: 0031

Jumper Wire 40 Pcs Set

3 Types Available (Please select from option) 1. Male to Male  2. Male to Female 3. Female-Female

Price BDT 95
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: 0766

Ohm (Ω) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
5 mm Green LED (Pack of 5) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0768

5 mm Red LED (Pack of 5)

Size: 5mm Color: RED Head Shape: Round Lens Appearance: Transparent

Price BDT 5
Push Button Switch (2PIN) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0761

Push Button Switch (2PIN)

Breadboard friendly Mounting Style: Through Hole Mounting Direction: Vertical

Price BDT 6
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: RBD-0758

BC547 NPN Transistor

BC547 NPN DIP Transistor

Price BDT 2
On sale! Arduino Uno R3 (Made in Italy) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0094

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino UNO in Bangladesh Micro-controller : ATmega328. Operating Voltage : 5V. Input Voltage (recommended) : 7-12V. Digital I/O Pins : 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output). Analog Input Pins : 6.

Price BDT 1,330
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: RBD-0755

5 mm Green LED (Pack of 5)

Size: 5mm Color: Green Head Shape: Round Lens Appearance: Transparent

Price BDT 5
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ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth Camera Module Development Board ESP32 With Camera Module OV2640

  • Flash LED off: 180mA @ 5V.
  • Flash LED on to maximum brightness: 310mA @ 5V.
  • Deep-sleep: 6mA @ 5V min.
  • Modem-sleep: 20mA @ 5V min.
  • Light-sleep: 6.7mA @ 5V min.
BDT 890
rating Read the 13 reviews
Average rating: 5/5 - Number of reviews: 13

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The ESP32 CAM WiFi Module Bluetooth with OV2640 Camera Module 2MP For Face Recognization has a very competitive small-size camera module that can operate independently as a minimum system with a footprint of only 40 x 27 mm; a deep sleep current of up to 6mA and is widely used in various IoT applications.

It is suitable for home smart devices, industrial wireless control, wireless monitoring, and other IoT applications.

This module adopts a DIP package and can be directly inserted into the backplane to realize rapid production of products, providing customers with high-reliability connection mode, which is convenient for application in various IoT hardware terminals.

ESP integrates WiFi, traditional Bluetooth, and BLE Beacon, with 2 high-performance 32-bit LX6 CPUs, 7-stage pipeline architecture. It has the main frequency adjustment range of 80MHz to 240MHz, on-chip sensor, Hall sensor, temperature sensor, etc.

Pin Diagram:

Features :


  1. The smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi BT SoC module.
  2. Low power 32-bit CPU, can also serve the application processor.
  3. Up to 160MHz clock speed, summary computing power up to 600 DMIPS.
  4. Built-in 520 KB SRAM, external 4MPSRAM.
  5. Supports UART/SPI/I2C/PWM/ADC/DAC.
  6. Support OV2640 and OV7670 cameras, built-in flash lamp.
  7. Support image WiFI upload.
  8. Supports TF card.
  9. Supports multiple sleep modes.
  10. Embedded Lwip and FreeRTOS.
  11. Supports STA/AP/STA+AP operation mode.
  12. Support Smart Config/AirKiss technology.
  13. Support for serial port local and remote firmware upgrades (FOTA).

Specifications :

  1. Wireless Module: ESP32-S WiFi 802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.2 LE module with PCB antenna, u.FL connector, 32Mbit SPI flash, 4MBit PSRAM.
  2. External Storage: micro SD card slot up to 4GB.
  3. Camera
    • FPC connector.
    • Support for OV2640 (sold with a board) or OV7670 cameras.
    • Image Format: JPEG( OV2640 support only ), BMP, grayscale.
    • LED flashlight.
  4. Expansion: 16x through-holes with UART, SPI, I2C, PWM.
  5. Misc: Reset button.
  6. Power Supply: 5V via pin header.
  7. Power Consumption.
    1. Flash LED off: 180mA @ 5V.
    2. Flash LED on to maximum brightness: 310mA @ 5V.
    3. Deep-sleep: 6mA @ 5V min.
    4. Modem-sleep: 20mA @ 5V min.
    5. Light-sleep: 6.7mA @ 5V min.
  8. Dimensions (ESP32): 40 x 27 x 12 (LxWxH) mm.
  9. Temperature Range: Operating: -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃; storage: -40 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ @ < 90%RH.


  1. ESP32-CAM Video Streaming and Face Recognition with Arduino IDE
  2. Interfacing with arduino

Package Includes :

1 x ESP32 CAM WiFi Module.

1 x OV2640 Camera Module 2MP.

Product Details
4 Items

Kishalay Dhar
Md Sharifuzzaman
Very good
Good product
Taher Muhammad Mahdee
Has better camera than cheaper options on other places
ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth Camera Module
The quality of the product is good.
Rashedul Rana
You can find different varieties of product
Good product.
Abir Hasan
Everything works perfectly.
Network connection problem
Noyon Ahmed
Network not connected after uploading the program. circuit connected with 5v, gnd, Uot, Uor, and Io0 sorted with ground. following every instruction but still not connected.
great board.
consider buying a FTDI USB-TTL board with it as it can\'t be directly interfaced with PC
Good quality
Md. Masrur Saqib
Professional and friendly Service
Shaikh Abu Reza
I got everything I wanted from single source, very professional service and very friendly and helpful
Not fully recommended for everybody.
Al Imran Suvro
Just received in good condition like product pictures. The ribbon condition is not a good, 10-degree angle on the left side.
Rahat Khan
The packaging is great. Never find any fault in any product.
good one
md. kamruzzaman
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ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth... Quick view

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ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth Camera Module Development Board ESP32 With Camera Module OV2640

Flash LED off: 180mA @ 5V. Flash LED on to maximum brightness: 310mA @ 5V. Deep-sleep: 6mA @ 5V min. Modem-sleep: 20mA @ 5V min. Light-sleep: 6.7mA @ 5V min.

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TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam V1.1 ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth GPS with OLED

TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam V1.1 ESP32 915Mhz WiFi Bluetooth ESP32 GPS NEO-6M SMA 18650 Battery Holder  OLED (915Mhz OLED)

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ESP32 DHT11 WIFI Bluetooth... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1671

ESP32 DHT11 WIFI Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Soil Moisture Sensor Module for Arduino

ESP32 Bluetooth Wi-Fi development board, support NodeMCU / Arduino DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor CP2104 communication chip USB TO TTL Micro USB port Soil probe (long) soil temperature and humidity detection module 18650 Lithium Battery Holder Powered (Battery is not included)

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LILYGO TTGO LoRa32 915Mhz... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1765

LILYGO TTGO LoRa32 915Mhz ESP32 OLED 0.96 Inch Wireless Module

LILYGO TTGO Model: 915MHZ CH9102F  T3_V1.6.1 LoRa32 V2.1_1.6 Version 915Mhz ESP32 LoRa OLED 0.96 Inch SD Card Bluetooth WIFI Wireless Module ESP-32 SMA

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LILYGO® TTGO T-Display... Quick view
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ESP32-CAM External Antenna Quick view

Reference: RBD-1852

ESP32-CAM External Antenna

ESP32-CAM External Antenna The ESP32-CAM has the option to use either the built-in PCB antenna or an external antenna Only Antenna and Adapter RF Cable (ESP32 Cam is not included)

Price BDT 290
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Nextion NX8048T050 - 5.0"... Quick view

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Nextion NX8048T050 - 5.0" LCD TFT HMI Touch Display

Model No.:NX8048T050 Display Type:011R(R:Resitive Touchscreen) Operating Voltage (VDC):4.75 ~ 7 Max. Operating Current (mA):410 Touch Type: Resistive Colors:65K (65536)

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Arduino Due Quick view

Reference: RBD-0136

Arduino Due

Microcontroller: AT91SAM3X8E Operating Voltage: 3.3V Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V Input Voltage (limits): 6-16V Digital I/O Pins: 54 (of which 12 provide PWM output) Analog Input Pins: 12 Analog Outputs Pins: 2 (DAC) A 32-bit core, that allows operations on 4 bytes wide data within a single CPU clock. CPU clock at 84Mhz 96KBytes of SRAM

Price BDT 2,550
NodeMcu Lua WIFI Board... Quick view

Reference: 1821

NodeMcu Lua WIFI Board Based on ESP8266 CP2102 Module

The Development Kit based on ESP8266, integrates GPIO, PWM, IIC, 1-Wire and ADC all in one board. Power your development in the fastest way combine with NodeMCU Firmware! R2 version had CP2102 USB-TTL instead, larger current support, slim board can put on breadboard. Programing it with Arduino IDE.

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On sale! STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32... Quick view

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STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Development Board Module Arduino

100% Brand new and high quality STM32 Board Model: STM32F103C8T6. Core: ARM 32 Cortex-M3 CPU. Debug mode: SWD. 72MHz work frequency. 64K flash memory, 20K SRAM. 2.0-3.6V power, I/O.

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Arduino Mega 2560 Quick view

Reference: RBD-0009

Brand: RoboticsBD

Arduino Mega 2560 R3

Arduino Mega in Bangladesh 54 Digital I/O terminals (14 of which have programmable PWM outputs). 16 Analog Inputs. 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports). 16 MHz crystal clock. Operating voltage: 6 ~ 12v. Dimensions: 110 x 53 x 15 mm.

Price BDT 2,000
ESP8266 CH340 NodeMCU Wifi... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0694

ESP8266 CH340 NodeMCU Wifi Module Lua V3

Power input: 4.5V ~ 9V (10VMAX), USB-powered Transfer rate: 110-460800bps Support UART / GPIO data communication interface Support Smart Link Smart Networking Working temperature: -40°C ~ + 125°C Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge Don’t need to download resetting A great set of tools to develop ESP8266 Flash size: 4MByte Lowest cost WI-FI

Price BDT 499
37 In 1 Sensor Module Board... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1541

37 In 1 Sensor Module Board Set Kit For Arduino with Box

For beginners who are interested in Arduino A complete set of Arduino’s most common and useful electronic components Infrared sensor receiving module Laser sensor module Temperature and humidity sensor module Infrared sensor module 5v relay module Obstacle avoidance sensor module.

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Arduino Pro Mini 328 Quick view

Reference: RBD-0155

Brand: SparkFun Electronics

Arduino Pro Mini 328

Microcontroller: ATmega328 Circuit Operating Voltage: 5V Clock frequency: 16MHz. Digital I/O Pins: 14 8 analog input port: A0 ~ A7. A pair of TTL level serial port transceiver : RX / TX. 6 PWM port: D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11. Support serial download.

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There are not enough products in stock

XNUCLEO-F411RE - Improved... Quick view

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XNUCLEO-F411RE - Improved STM32 NUCLEO Board

Compatible with NUCLEO-F411RE, onboard Cortex-M4 microcontroller STM32F411RET6 Arduino connectivity support, easy to connect with various Arduino shields and access the massive Arduino resources ST Morpho headers provide full access to all STM32 I/Os, easy for peripheral expansion Supports mbed, build prototype quickly by mbed SDK and online tools...

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STM32 STM32F407VET6 512K... Quick view

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STM32 STM32F407VET6 512K System Core Board Development Board

Model: F407VE-512K  STM32F407VGT6  STM32F407VET6 development board F407 microcontroller learning board STM32 system board

Price BDT 4,220
Arduino Nano Gravitech US FT232 Original Quick view

Reference: RBD-0926

Arduino Nano Gravitech US FT232 Original

Manufacturer: Gravitech Operating Voltage (logic level): 5V 8 analog inputs ports: A0 ~ A7 14 Digital input / output ports: TX, RX, D2 ~ D13 1 pair of TTL level serial transceiver ports RX / TX Using Atmel Atmega328P-AU MCU There is a bootloader installed in it Standard 0.1” spacing DIP (breadboard friendly). Manual reset switch.

Price BDT 990
On sale! FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter Adapter FT232RL Quick view

Reference: RBD-0658

FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter Adapter FT232RL

Standard interface layout, compatible with a variety of Arduinos such as the Pro Mini Original FTDI FT232 chip, stable performance USB power has current protection, using 500MA self-restore fuse RXD/TXD transceiver communication indicator With power, sending, receiving indicator, working status LED indicators Mini USB Port Connection Support 3.3V, 5V

Price BDT 359
Cable for Arduino Nano (USB... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1131

Cable for Arduino Nano (USB 2.0 A to USB 2.0 Mini B) 30cm

Up to 480 Mbps data transfer rate. USB Type: Type-A to Mini-B Weight: 15 gm Length: 30 cm Exclusively designed for Arduino boards.

Price BDT 50
Arduino NANO I/O Extension Shield Quick view

Reference: RBD-0987

Arduino NANO I/O Extension Shield

Compatible with Arduino NANO All digital and analog pins breakout Compact size; External power supply current support Leads all pins out, convenient for wiring and doing experiments.

Price BDT 350
NodeMCU ESP8266 with 0.96... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1255

NodeMCU ESP8266 with 0.96 Inch OLED Module Development Board

Integrated 0.96″ OLED Micro USB connection Compatible with Arduino Compatible with NodeMCU(Lua for ESP8266) Input Power 5V Compatible for Arduino Compatible with NodeMCU(Lua for ESP8266)

Price BDT 1,250
Mini Mega 2560 PRO (Embed)... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1214

Mini Mega 2560 PRO (Embed) CH340G/ATmega2560-16AU

The board is compatible with Mega 2560.  excellent solution for developing projects based on ATmega2560. The board can be powered directly through the Micro USB connector The maximum output current upon 5V is around 800mA, while on the 3.3V it is about 800mA.

Price BDT 1,550

Arduino Pro Mini PLC Relay... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1684

Arduino Pro Mini PLC Relay Board

8 Channel DC 12V Pro mini Relay Shield Module PLC Timer Board for Arduino 

Price BDT 6,990
On sale! Arduino LilyPad 328 ATmega328P Quick view

Reference: RBD-0682

Arduino LilyPad 328 ATmega328P

Microcontroller: ATmega168 or ATmega328V Operating Voltage: 2.7-5.5 V Digital I/O Pins: 14 PWM Channels: 6 Analog Input Channels: 6 DC Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA Board will run from 2V to 5V. The latest version of the LilyPad supports automatic reset for even easier programming. The back side of the LilyPad is now completely flat!

Price BDT 699
AI-thinker A9G... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1138

AI-thinker A9G GSM/GPRS+GPS/BDS Development Board

Board Based On AI-Thinker A9 GPRS Module Supports Firmware Upgrade Via Serial Port Operating Voltage: 5v

Price BDT 1,990

8051 MCU Learning... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1544

8051 MCU Learning Development Board Kit

AT89S52 development board zero-based entry AT89S51 learning board 51 microcontroller development board experiment board

Price BDT 8,099
Arduino Uno R3 bumper Quick view

Reference: RBD-286

Arduino Uno R3 bumper

3D Printed Arduino Uno R3 Bumper or base. Note: Arduino Uno is not included

Price BDT 200
Altera Cyclone IV FPGA... Quick view

Reference: 1807

Altera Cyclone IV FPGA EP4CE6E22C8N EP4CE6 Development Board

Altera Cyclone IV FPGA EP4CE6E22C8N EP4CE6 Development Board

Price BDT 4,990
On sale! Arduino Uno R3 SMD Quick view

Reference: RBD-0323

Arduino Uno R3 SMD

Microcontroller ATmega328 (SMD) – Interface CH340G Operating Voltage: 5V Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V Digital I / O Pins 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output) Analog Input Pins: 6

Price BDT 950
MicroPython Board R3... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1603

MicroPython Board R3 ATmega328P+ESP8266, 8Mb flash, USB-TTL CH340G, Micro-USB

USB-TTL converter. Logic Level: 5V. Operating Supply Voltage: 5V. Digital I/O Pins: 14. Analog I/O Pins: 6.

Price BDT 1,200
DS1302 Real Time Clock Module Quick view

Reference: RBD-1840

DS1302 Real Time Clock Module

DS1302 Real Time Clock Module

Price BDT 190
Arduino Pro Micro 5V/16MHz Quick view

Reference: RBD-0838

Arduino Pro Micro 5V/16MHz

ATMEGA32U4 running in 5V / 16MHz Support Arduino IDE V1.0.1 Micro USB interface programming on the board Four 10-bit ADC pin 12 digital I / O (5 PWM capability) Rx and Tx hardware serial connection

Price BDT 799
WeMos D1 CH340 WiFi... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1602

WeMos D1 CH340 WiFi Development Board ESP8266 ESP-12F

Microcontroller: ESP8266EX Operating Voltage: 3.3V Digital I/O Pins: 11 (all I/O pins have interrupt/PWM/I2C/one-wire capability, except for D0) Analog Input Pins: 1 Flash Memory: 4MB On-Board Switching Power Supply: Input Voltage Range: 9V to 12V Output: 5V at 1A Max

Price BDT 499
ATmega328P-PU PDIP-28... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1215

ATmega328P-PU PDIP-28 Microcontroller

131 powerful instructions – Most Single Clock Cycle Execution 32 x 8 general purpose working registers Fully static operation Up to 20MIPS throughput at 20MHz On-chip 2-cycle multiplier Write/erase cycles: 10,000 flash/100,000 EEPROM Optional boot code section with independent lock bits In system programming by on-chip boot program True read while write...

Price BDT 840
Cable For Arduino UNO/MEGA... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1761

Cable For Arduino UNO/MEGA (USB A to B)-3.2 Feet/1Meter

USB Type: Type-A to Type-B Weight: 80 gm. Length: 1m / 3.2Feet Fully compatible with the PC. Molded strain relief and PVC over-molding to ensure a lifetime of error-free data transmissions.

Price BDT 130
AVRISP Atmel STK500 AVR... Quick view

Reference: RBD-1110

AVRISP Atmel STK500 AVR programmer USB Atmega Attiny

Supports a wide range of ATMEL AVR microcontroller. Works with AVR Studio or WINAVR(GCC) Works with ATMEL AVR Studio 4.13

Price BDT 2,900
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Sound Sensor Module for Arduino

Main chip: LM393, Electret condenser microphone Working voltage: DC 3.3-5V Induction distance is 0.5M Signal output Indication Single channel signal output The output effective signal is low level.

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Breadboard (Medium Size) Quick view

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Breadboard (Medium Size)

400 tie points 2 Power lanes, Total 100 tie points in power lanes 1 Double strip, Total 300 tie points Perfect for Arduino shield prototyping and testing Plastic housing, metal contact clips

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Buzzer Quick view

Reference: RBD-0763

AA Battery Holder 2s

Cell Quantity: 2 Battery type: AA Storage temperature: 25ºC Max Operate temperature: 80ºC

Price BDT 22
RFID/ NFC Card Reader USB -... Quick view

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RFID/ NFC Card Reader USB - 13.56Mhz

RFID/ NFC Card Reader USB - 13.56Mhz R20C 13.56Mhz long-range USB Interface desktop RFID reader RFID Card / Chip Reader with USB Output - Connects to the PC as a keyboard. Drivers are installed automatically.Support MIFARE, protocol 14443A, S50, S70Power: USBFunctional distance: up to 8 cmFrequency: 13.56MHzLed indicator and buzzer

Price BDT 1,290
Male Pin Header Single Row (L Shaped) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0653

Male Pin Header Single Row (L Shaped)

Can be manually broken for the length needed. Connector: Pin Header Connector type: Pin Strips Male Number of pins: 40 Right angled male berg strip. (L Shaped)

Price BDT 18
AC230V LED lamp plate 5W 29MM Quick view

Reference: RBD-1594

AC230V LED lamp plate 5W 29MM

29mm diameter 10 LED Dimmable 50-degree viewing angle

Price BDT 40
1N4007 Diode Quick view

Reference: RBD-1360

1N4007 Diode

PN junction rectifier diode. One direction flow of Current. Used for conversion of AC power to DC. 1N 4007 is electrically compatible with other rectifier diodes  Used instead of any of the diode belonging to 1N400X series

Price BDT 2
Ultrasonic Sonar Sensor HC-... Quick view

Reference: RBD-0022

Ultrasonic Sonar Sensor HC- SR04

Affordable Price Operating Voltage: 5 V Sonar Sensing Range: 2-400 cm Max. Sensing Range: 450 cm Frequency: 40 kHz

Price BDT 90

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