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Acrylic Case Box with Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano
For the record, I had bought this product on 23/11/2021 for my Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit. Once I received the product, I opened the parcel box which I was shocked when I saw that there\'s no manual or neither on the website there has any video or video tutorial link to teaching how to attach this. Based on my previous purchase experience this shop didn\'t provide any technical support because previously I purchased an Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit and I received a configuration error while giving setup for the first time. I contacted them, they told me that they not only give any technical support but also do not take back the product. They straight up told me it is your responsibility after purchase, funny right! Think about purchasing an iPhone and they told you if you forget your password that is your responsibility we don\'t give any service over here. However, I started pulling things out of the box and found out that the fan screw is not compatible with Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit but before purchasing the product I asked them they told me and quote, \"It is compatible with both Nvidia Jetson Nano 4GB and Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit.\" I trusted them and got fooled by them again since the screw didn\'t attach to the kit. I disliked my purchasing experience and this web app. Bad website and bad service...
Nipa 24/12/2021
All products are replica and Doesn\'t work properly. Takes too much money for replica products.
Rafi 04/12/2021
Have to be quality products
You should be check your product before import.
Ehsan Ahmed 13/09/2021
Kno. Daetto. Nai..
Amn. Vabe. Thoklam. Ami..aro. Onik kicu kenar. Icca. Cilo. But akn. Theke. To. R na....
Joy Mondal 31/08/2021
Price is almost double compared to regular shop
Walid mafuj 23/06/2021
The salesman knows nothing
I called him about the product. I asked if the product emit vibration or not. He said yes. But the product doesnt emit any vibration rather it just capture vibration. The whole thing was a loss.
Souvik Roy 23/06/2021
Worse service ever
Worse service ever
Iqbal 06/05/2021
Really dissatisfied
Try to update your refund policy in accordance to govt rule. And at least try to sell the exact product as shown in your site.
Asif Khan 20/04/2021
After sell service is too bad
Not good after sell service , but definitely service is fast
Mithul 03/04/2021
Worst srrvice
Worst sercice. Irresponsible staffs.
Professor Dr. Rafiq 21/11/2020
Lack of professionalism

I called them several times, for the query of product, but no one assist me, they don't even give me the proper information.rn& They text & email me several times(not less than 20 mail & text), even at midnight 2.00 am for review.

Mohtasim Parag 31/08/2020

We are sorry about your experience. Our SMS server was down and it was restarted at 1:00 AM for which the SMS was sent at midnight. We do apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any question please contact  

I have ordered 2 items. The second item is not shown in the memo. When I ordered the 2nd item the rate was 11000, but I have received another product (same model), the price is 1000 tk less. But I don\'t get the rest money.
Mazharul Amin 09/06/2020
Product price higher then usual. And it\'s bad.
Al Imran Hasan 15/02/2020
Wirless keyboard
This is bad item. I buy this item but it does not work properly. This is robotics fault..
Israfil hossain 11/12/2019
Quality is a big concern.
Banik 17/08/2019

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