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Arduino Uno R3

Arduino UNO in Bangladesh The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328 (datasheet). It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz ceramic resonator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller.

Price BDT 479
In Stock

EM4100 125kHz RFID Card

It is proximity ID card of 125KHz, EM4100. It has been specially manufactured and packaged to be clean from dust. And you can print any pictures on the PVC blank cards. You can use it with our RDM6300 RFID reader module.

Price BDT 18
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Made in UK)


The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation Raspberry Pi.
  • A 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU
  • 802.11n Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4 USB ports
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • Full HDMI port
  • Ethernet port

BDT 3,990
rating Read the 8 reviews
Average rating: 5/5 - Number of reviews: 8

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Supported OS: Raspibian, Ubuntu Mate, Windows 10 IOT Core

কিভাবে রাস্পবেরি পাই ৩ সেট করতে হয়?

রাস্পবেরি পাই বুট করে মেমরি কার্ড থেকে। একটি ৮ থেকে ৩২ জিবি (ক্লাস ১০) (ভালো ব্রান্ডের) মেমরি কার্ড লাগবে বুট করতেডিসি ৫ভোল্ট-২.১এ(মেক্স) পাওয়ার এডাপটার লাগবে। একটি ভালো মানের পাওয়ার এডাপটার লাগবে নয়তো রাস্পবেরি পাই বুট হবে না। উপরের লিংক থেকে OS ডাউনলোড করে Win32DiskImager সফটওয়্যার দিয়ে ডাউনলোডকৃত IMG ফাইল টি মেমরি কার্ডে write করতে হবে। এরপর মেমরি কার্ড রাস্পবেরি পাই এ লাগতে হবে। পাওয়ার এডাপটার দিয়ে পাওয়ার দিতে হবে যদি HDMI মনিটর না থাকে তাহলে নরমাল VGA মনিটর এ HDMI To VGA কনভার্টার Use করতে হবে    


Description: Everyone knows and loves Raspberry Pi, but what if you didn’t
need additional peripherals to make it wireless. The Raspberry Pi 3 is here
to provide you with the same Pi as before but now with double the ram and a
much faster processor. The credit-card sized computer is capable of many of
the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and
playing high-definition video and games. It can run several flavors of Linux
(and even Windows 10 free-of-charge) and is being used to teach kids all over
the world how to program… Oh yeah, and it still does all that for about $40.

The secret sauce that makes this computer so small and powerful is the Broa-
dcom BCM2837, an ARM Cortex-A53 64bit Quad Core Processor System-on-Chip.
The GPU provides Open GL ES 2.0, hardware-accelerated OpenVG, and 1080p30
H.264 high-profile decode and is capable of 1Gpixel/s, 1.5Gtexel/s or 24 GFLOPs of
general purpose compute. What’s that all mean? It means that if you plug the
Raspberry Pi 3 into your HDTV, you could watch BluRay quality video, using
H.264 at 40MBits/s.

The biggest change that has been enacted with the Raspberry Pi 3 is an upgrade
to a next generation main processor and improved connectivity with Bluetooth
Low Energy (BLE) and BCM43143 WiFi on board. Additionally, the Raspberry Pi 3
has improved power management, with an upgraded switched power source up to
2.5 Amps, to support more powerful external USB devices.

The Raspberry Pi 3’s four built-in USB ports provide enough connectivity for
a mouse, keyboard, or anything else that you feel the RPi needs, but if you
want to add even more you can still use a USB hub. Keep in mind, it is
recommended that you use a powered hub so as not to overtax the on-board
voltage regulator. Powering the Raspberry Pi 3 is easy, just plug any USB
power supply into the micro-USB port. There’s no power button so the Pi will
begin to boot as soon as power is applied, to turn it off, simply shut down
the Pi 3, then remove power. The four built-in USB ports can even output up
to 1.2A enabling you to connect more power hungry USB devices (This does
require a 2Amp micro USB Power Supply).

On top of all that, the low-level peripherals on the Pi make it great for
hardware hacking. The 0.1" spaced 40-pin GPIO header on the Pi gives you
access to 27 GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI as well as 3.3 and 5V sources. Each pin
on the GPIO header is identical to its predecessor the Model B+.

Note: You will need the latest version of NOOBS for the Raspberry Pi 3.
If this action is not completed your Pi will get stuck on a rainbow square
boot screen. You can find the latest version of NOOBS here!


  • Broadcom BCM2837 64bit ARM Cortex-A53 Quad Core Processor SoC running @ 1.2GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 x USB2.0 Ports with up to 1.2A output
  • Expanded 40-pin GPIO Header
  • Video/Audio Out via 4-pole 3.5mm connector, HDMI, CSI camera, or Raw LCD (DSI)
  • Storage: microSD
  • 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)
  • BCM43143 WiFi on board
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on board
  • Low-Level Peripherals:
    • 27 x GPIO
    • UART
    • I2C bus
    • SPI bus with two chip selects
    • +3.3V
    • +5V
    • Ground
  • Power Requirements: 5V @ 2.4 A via microUSB power source
  • Supports Raspbian, Windows 10 IoT Core, OpenELEC, OSMC, Pidora, Arch Linux, RISC OS and More!



Dimensions: 85mm x 56mm x 17mm

Product Details

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Raisul M.
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Made in UK)
Samiya R.
Got the UK version. Very happy with the product!!
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan
I received the UK Version!!! Thanks RoboticsBD!
Eunus R.
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Mahbub A.
Product quality is good. Nice communication.
I am not regular using
Shah R.
I am not regular using it for my busy. But I'll try.
ভালো লেগেছে।
Ahmed Ashraf Tanvir
So far so good. সব কিছু ঠিকঠাক প্যাকেট খুলে সব কিছুই ঠিকঠাক মত পাওয়া গেছে। রাস্পবেরি পাই থ্রি + ইউজার ম্যানুয়েল।I am satisfied with my shopping fromRoboticsBD.
MD.Abdullah m.
I am really happy My Pi performance is awesome i can't taught that i can buy Pi 3 from bangladesh This store made it. Thank you Robotics BD.
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Black ABS Case With Fan Hole + CPU Cooling Fan For Raspberry Pi 3/2, 3B+

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7 Inch TFT IPS Monitor for Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero is half the size of a Model A+, with twice the utility. A tiny Raspberry Pi that’s affordable enough for any project!

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Complete Set (Made in UK)

রাস্পবেরি পাই ৩ মডেল বি প্লাস পৃথিবীর অন্যতম ক্রেডিট কার্ড সাইজের শক্তিশালী কম্পিউটার। এটি ফুল এইচডি ভিডিও প্লেব্যাক সমর্থন করে। এটি মূলত লিনাক্স অপারেটিং সিস্টেম সাপোর্ট করে। অনেক ধরনের প্রোগ্রাম ডেভলপ করা যায়।   কি কি থাকছে ? ১ টি রাস্পবেরি পাই ৩ মডেল বি প্লাস (মেড ইন UK) ১ টি কুলিং ফ্যান কেস রাস্পবেরি পাই এর হিট সিংক  রাস্পবেরি পাই এর কমপ্যাটিবল পাওয়ার...

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Raspberry Pi 4 Computer (Made in UK)

নতুন রাস্পবেরি পাই ৪ পৃথিবীর অন্যতম ক্রেডিট কার্ড সাইজের শক্তিশালী কম্পিউটার। এটি ডুয়াল 4K মনিটর সমর্থন করে। এটি মূলত লিনাক্স অপারেটিং সিস্টেম সাপোর্ট করে। অনেক ধরনের প্রোগ্রাম ডেভলপ করা যায়।   ১ টি রাস্পবেরি পাই 4 RAM: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB (পছন্দ করে নিতে পারবেন) একসাথে দুটি HDMI মনিটর লাগানো যায়।   বিল্ট ইন Wifi & Bluetooth গিগাবিট ইথারনেট পোর্ট।   ২ টি...

Price BDT 4,400

3.5 inch RPi Display

320×480 resolution Resistive touch control Supports any revision of Raspberry Pi (directly-pluggable) Compatible with Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+, 2B, 3B, 3B+,4B versions Drivers provided (works with your own Raspbian/Ubuntu directly) Size perfectly fits the Pi High quality immersion gold surface plating Supports Raspbian system, ubuntu system ,kali Linux...

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Raspberry Pi Heat Sink 3 Pcs

This is a heatsink pack for Raspberry Pi. It contains 3 different heatsinks which respectively corresponds to 3 different chips. It is a perfect solution for cooling the operating temperature when the Raspberry Pi is dealing with complicated work. Compatible With: Pi4B, Pi 3B, PI 3B+

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Brand: Waveshare

Raspberry Pi 3 Robot Shield Expansion Board Pioneer 600

What's on Board Raspberry Pi GPIO interface : for connecting Raspberry Pi USB TO UART : control the Pi through serial terminal AD/DA IO interface : screw terminal 1-WIRE interface : for connecting 1-WIRE devices like DS18B20 Sensor interface : for connecting various sensors 0.96inch OLED : SSD1306 driver, 128×64 resolution, SPI interface Buzzer

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