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Jumper Wire Single Medium Quick view

Reference: RBD-1354

Jumper Wire Single Medium

Length: 8 inches/20 CM (Long) Material: Copper Plated Pin Spacing: 2.54mm.

Price BDT 3
Choose Your Size Quick view

Reference: 0984

Heat Shrink Tube

Choose your desire Heat Sink Size from below: 

Price BDT 2
470 Ohm 1/4w - Pack of 5 Quick view

Reference: 0245

Kiloohm (KΩ) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
Jumper wire 40 Pcs Quick view

Reference: 0031

Jumper Wire 40 Pcs Set

3 Types Available (Please select from option) 1. Male to Male  2. Male to Female 3. Female-Female

Price BDT 95
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: 0766

Ohm (Ω) 1/4w Resistors - Pack of 5

Choose your desire Resistor value from below: 

Price BDT 5
5 mm Green LED (Pack of 5) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0768

5 mm Red LED (Pack of 5)

Size: 5mm Color: RED Head Shape: Round Lens Appearance: Transparent

Price BDT 5
Push Button Switch (2PIN) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0761

Push Button Switch (2PIN)

Breadboard friendly Mounting Style: Through Hole Mounting Direction: Vertical

Price BDT 6
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: RBD-0758

BC547 NPN Transistor

BC547 NPN DIP Transistor

Price BDT 2
On sale! Arduino Uno R3 (Made in Italy) Quick view

Reference: RBD-0094

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino UNO in Bangladesh Micro-controller : ATmega328. Operating Voltage : 5V. Input Voltage (recommended) : 7-12V. Digital I/O Pins : 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output). Analog Input Pins : 6.

Price BDT 1,330
Buzzer Quick view

Reference: RBD-0755

5 mm Green LED (Pack of 5)

Size: 5mm Color: Green Head Shape: Round Lens Appearance: Transparent

Price BDT 5
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VHM-314 V3.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board

  • Supply Voltage: 5V USB / 3.7V lithium battery
  • Output Port: 3-wire audio interface/DIY pad
  • Output Type: Analog signal
  • Bluetooth name: VHM-314-V3.0
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth passcode: no password
  • Sound source: Bluetooth. USB-PC input(after the back pad is connected, the computer can be connected as a sound card though Micro)
  • Operation method: Button/IR control
BDT 430

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VHM-314 V3.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board can be used in DIY kit. Using Bluetooth technology, the data can be transmitted to mobile phone and other devices, and the audio source is stable. The receiver is a Bluetooth module that connects to your radio and wired headset or speaker.

The board is designed to be used for various electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets. The main board has lossless sound quality, no noise, no radiation, and no delay. Support the wireless audio function of the mobile phone, you can also use it as a single button control. Meanwhile, the main board is made of abs material, which can provide stable performance. The wireless receiving module is suitable for various kinds of Bluetooth devices such as smart phones and tablets.

The Bluetooth receiver is a wireless communication device that connects to the computer with the help of simple button operation and can provide you with the latest wireless experience. As a wireless communication tool, it is suitable for the use of various electronic parts that are used in the fields. Support Bluetooth audio interface, can be used to connect mobile phones, computers and other devices with wireless receiving and transmitting function of music.


  1. Made of high quality material, solid, durable and good performance, long service life.
  2. The new version of VHM-314-V3.0 adds infrared remote control, buttons, DIP switch, charging, and other functions, and the sound quality has also been improved.
  3. DIY interface-PC: Connect the USB-PC on the back of the board, connect to the computer through MICRO to use as a sound card, and the infrared remote control can switch to Bluetooth mode at any time.
  4. Infrared remote control: Power on / off / mode switch / mute / pause / prev / next / EQ switch / volume ±(mode can be switched only as a sound card, volume ± can synchronize computer volume).
  5. DIY interface-M: H-L, power on high-level output, output low level after 1s; L-H, power on low level output, output high-level after 1s(can be connected to mute pin according to power amplifier, can realize Bluetooth mute function without music output, eliminate power on Po sound, low power consumption, etc.)
  6. Toggle Switches: When only powered by battery: used as a switch. When powered by USB, the module cannot be switched. (Only when the USB power supply is not connected to the battery, please switch to the Micro end power supply, otherwise the sound quality may be affected).
  7. Designed with the LED indicator light, Bluetooth indicator: blue; power indicator: red.
  8. Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth audio source, Infrared remote control, DIP switch.

General Specification
Item Type: MP3 Bluetooth decoder board
Material: electronic components
Size: decoding board: 32x30mm/1.2x1.1in, remote control: 85x39mm/3.3x1.5in
Color: As shown
Bluetooth name: VHM-314 V3.0
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Decoding format: WAV+APE+FLAC+MP3
Supply voltage: 5V USB/3.7V lithium battery
Output port: 3-wire audio interface/DIY pad
Output type: Analog signal
Operation method: Button/IR remote control
Shipment Weight 0.045 kg
Shipment Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 cm

Bluetooth connection interface:

After opening the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone, after displaying VHM-314 V3.0, click the name to connect and use. After the connection is successful, a "ding dong" prompt will sound, and when you disconnect, there will be a "deng deng" sound.

Instruction and Warm Tips:
  1. Please use a maximum of 5V power supply for the BAT interface, which can be directly powered by a 3.7V lithium battery.
  2. The maximum charging voltage of the MICRO interface must not exceed 6V.
  3. The toggle switch can only control the battery switch, and the power supply can only be switched after the USB is inserted, whether it is battery power or MICRO power supply.
  4. When there is only MICRO power supply, toggle the switch to the MICRO terminal to avoid the sound quality damage due to insufficient power supply current.
  5. VHM-314 does not have a charging version, you cannot directly charge a lithium battery without a lithium battery protection chip


Package Includes:

1 x VHM-314 V3.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board

Product Details
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TDA7492P Bluetooth 4.2 CSR8635 Bluetooth Receiver Amplifier Audio Board 2x25W for 4/6/8/16 Ohm Speakers Module Parts Component

25 W + 25 W continuous output power at THD = 10% with VCC= 20 V and RL= 8 Ω Wide-range single-supply operation (8 – 26 V) High efficiency (η = 90%) Four selectable, fixed gain settings of nominally 21.6 dB, 27.6 dB, 31.1 dB and 33.6 dB Differential inputs minimize common-mode noise Standby and mute features Short-circuit protection

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ESP32 DHT11 WIFI Bluetooth... Quick view

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ESP32 DHT11 WIFI Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Soil Moisture Sensor Module for Arduino

ESP32 Bluetooth Wi-Fi development board, support NodeMCU / Arduino DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor CP2104 communication chip USB TO TTL Micro USB port Soil probe (long) soil temperature and humidity detection module 18650 Lithium Battery Holder Powered (Battery is not included)

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Active Speaker Buzzer... Quick view

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Active Speaker Buzzer Module for Arduino 5V

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Sound Sensor Module for Arduino

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HLK-V20 Speech Recognition Module Human Speech Voice Control Module

Small size package Local voice Customized voice wake-up/command words Universal Serial Port Protocol Support Chinese and English The number of command words reaches 150

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Digital I2S interface with high precision 24-bit data High signal to noise ratio is 61 dBA High sensitivity – 26 dBFS Stable frequency response from 60 Hz to 15 kHz Low power consumption: low current consumption 1.4 mA High PSR: -75 dBFS

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Breadboard (Medium Size)

400 tie points 2 Power lanes, Total 100 tie points in power lanes 1 Double strip, Total 300 tie points Perfect for Arduino shield prototyping and testing Plastic housing, metal contact clips

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Male Pin Header Single Row ( Short )

Single row. 1.27mm pitch. 1 x 40 pins. Through-hole mount.

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EM4100 125kHz Printable RFID Card

Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed) Operating distance: Up to 1 to 5 cm (Depending on Antenna Geometry) Operating frequency: 125KHz Data transfer: 106 kbit/s Data integrity: 16 Bit CRC, parity, bit coding bit counting Anti-collision Printable Package Content: 1x Card

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